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Updated: Aug 30, 2021

We have come a long way from everyone being on the struggle bus trying to quickly figure out how to stream a fitness class from home. We patiently suffered through poor audio, video lags and countless requests for “everyone to make sure they’re on mute, please.”

You can say we literally started from the bottom and now we HERE!

Through trial & error Fitness Instructors have found a way to offer awesome virtual classes with great sound and high quality video.

Even still, participants can’t help but compare virtual classes to the real [in-person] deal!

I get it, but with a raging pandemic outside, we’re going to make it WERK! (see what I did there?)

Here are 4 ways to help you get the most out of your virtual class:

  1. Plan & Prepare.

In the “before times”, you had your routine down! You knew what you were wearing, which class you were taking and what time you needed to leave to secure your favorite spot on the floor. Let’s keep that same energy while working out at home!

-Do you need to have a pre-workout snack to fuel your workout?

-What type of clothing or shoes are needed for the class you’re taking?

-Give yourself time so you’re not rushing to log on.

2. Serve Looks!

I know working from home has us abandoning our bras and business casual wear, but I think we all can agree that a fitness class is the one exception where you absolutely HAVE to wear a bra! While you’re at it, ditch the baggy t-shirt and shorts and go for a cute, comfy gym look. Just because you’re in the living room doesn’t mean you can’t serve us a look! You know the mantra: “When you look good, you feel amazing!” (and kill your workout!)

3. Go BIG!

If you normally stream your virtual class from a laptop or desktop, try adding a HDMI cable to your computer and connecting it to your TV. Now your Instructor is literally in your living room screaming “only 5 more!!” :)

4. Crank It!

After spending most of the day making sure you’re on mute, you deserve an hour where you can get as loud as you want. Try connecting a Bluetooth speaker to your computer for a true to life class experience. No speaker? No problem. Try wireless earbuds or headphones and get lost in the music.

The louder, the better!

Tell me, where do you get your workout inspiration? Sound off in the comments :)


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